6000 hours of gameplay lost: The bitter truth of Stadia shutdown – News

6000 hours of gameplay lost: The bitter truth of Stadia shutdown - News

Transferring your backups from one machine to another, from one service to another, or from one storage model to another is fixed. The challenge is even saltier if one of the media in question is no longer available, which will be available for the Stadia service on January 18. To the sadness of many players who chain their watches in a few games in the catalog, or especially one of them, like Youtubeur Color, which seems destined to lose 6000 hours in Red Dead Online. Choosing this platform for the convenience of accessing the online mode and the possibility of playing without owning a console or an expensive PC, the young man, like the others, finds himself without a valid solution from Google. And for the moment, his calls to Rockstar to find a way out – unsurprisingly – went unanswered.

However, more than an iconic as well as an isolated case, this idea of ​​game data recovery is taken very seriously by many studios and publishers, notably Bungie and Ubisoft. In one of the forums on his first official site, he stated that he began to reflect on the subject: “We learned that Stadia was shut down and we started discussing next steps for our players. We’ll announce and post information about Stadia accounts in Destiny 2 when we have an action plan.”. Indicated by Ubi On the company’s Twitter account solutions are also being built: “We are happy to announce that we are working on transferring the games you have on Stadia to PC via Ubisoft Connect. We will share more information with you at a later date regarding specific details as well as results for Ubisoft+ subscribers.“Hopefully for Color, Rockstar will also get their hands dirty early next year.

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