Clement Bohn rules out ‘disproportionate’ increase of 7 or 8%

posted on Sunday, October 9, 2022 at 2:50 pm.

The Acting Minister for Transport has confirmed a 1 February 2023 motorway toll increase which he believes should be “reasonable”.

On the antenna a RTLClément Bohn again called for a “reasonable” increase in motorway fares, far from the rates desired by motorway companies, which are under discussion.

Tolls on motorways increase every year, usually on February 1, according to a calculation that takes into account the rate of inflation and the work carried out by concessionaires. According to the daily newspaper Le Monde, during discussions with the Ministry of Transport, road companies mentioned an increase of up to 8%. This year, prices rose by an average of 2 percent.

“We cannot achieve an increase of 8%, nor will it be 7%. It will not be sustainable,” Clément Bon said on Sunday, October 9, confirming comments made on franceinfo the end of September.

“We are discussing with road companies so that there are no disproportionate amounts of 7-8 percent. We will see what formula will be applied,” he added. “From February 1, 2023, the toll will increase,” he confirmed, however. “I’m not saying there will be 0%, because that wouldn’t be serious. At a time when everything is growing, even if we protect a lot of energy, in particular, we cannot say that there is an area where nothing is increasing, where it would be cars and highways,” the minister argued, defending “reasonable and proportional ” increases so that “we are not at rates that create difficulties for purchasing power”.

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