Do I need to charge for two-wheeler parking?

posted on Sunday, October 9, 2022 at 2:00 pm.

The measure, which came into force a month ago in Paris, is still not unanimous.

The effects are already visible on the one hand, open resistance on the other: a month after it came into effect, the thermal two-wheeler parking charge is still divisive in Paris, where its opponents highlight the pernicious effects.

“It’s not enough, but it’s very encouraging to start with.” David Belliard, Mayor Ann Hidalgo’s transportation aide, struck a balance, telling AFP that after a month, about 40% of motorized two-wheelers were okay with the capital’s 42,000 parking spaces.

In good standing, that is. paying either the visitor rate, two or three euros for one hour, up to €37.50 for six hours, or a reduced rate for subscribers, residents or professionals, or free entry for electric vehicles and people with disabilities.

For the rest, the two private operators in charge of control, Moovia and Streeteo, have already installed 65,000 post-parking packages (FPS), which have replaced tickets since 2018, according to Mr Bellard. For the chosen environmentalist, this measure, openly aimed at limiting the number of these vehicles in public space, and therefore their air and noise pollution, is applied “correctly on the spot” and without “major accidents” for 100,000 drivers in the capital. “The tension is less than we might have feared,” he says.

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