Crypto influencers will no longer lead the good life! The rules will change the game

Les influenceurs crypto ne mèneront plus la belle vie ! Des régulations vont changer les choses

Influencers from all sectors, especially those promoting the cryptocurrency field, are subject to regulation. After several fraud reports indeed AMF and ARPP placed the influencers under surveillance. They then require them to hold a liability certificate.

The news is not necessarily welcomed by crypto influencers. Moreover, the new regulation looks like a joke if we analyze the proposed conditions. At least that’s what most influencers on the web think. On the one hand, this AMF initiative could change things.

Reviews are mixed about the new regulation of online influence, knowing that not all influencers are scammers.

The Certificate of Responsible Influence or CIR

From now on, influencers can claim CIR to have more credibility in the eyes of the authorities and the public. But what is CIR? This is a document prepared by ARPP to monitor the proper behavior of influencers. The document consists of a questionnaire which influencers should finish in minutes.

Completing the questionnaire with the correct answers testifies to the seriousness of the influencer in his activity. In fact, the questions group the character traits and actions that a trusted influencer should possess. To receive a certificate, you must have at least 75% correct answers. In addition to the CIR, the responsible influencer must pay membership from 49 euros.

With his 75% correct answers and the payment of membership in the rank of responsible influencers, the influencer can display his CIR on his work platforms.

Disadvantages of CIR

One might think that the AMF and ARPP simply had to act in the face of the fraud that proliferates on social media. CIR is a pretty superficial solution, knowing that a frivolous influencer could very well get it. Fraudsters can even use it to boost their work.

If CIR is promoted in the middle of influencers, AMF and ARPP will have even more difficulty distinguishing the good from the bad influencers. They will then have to take investigative action an investigation to fix malicious profiles.

There is a real need for regulation to protect the work of influencers and, in particular, to protect the public. The currently proposed solution is not really adequate for the expected result. More attention may need to be paid to public awareness.

Recognize serious influencers

A public awareness can really be a better beacon in the business of social media influencers. The public needs to know that an influencer whose intentions are honest voluntarily displays the latter’s sponsored quality in their content. This information allows viewers to continue watching the video or not.

Then you need to wake up and stop believing everything the reality TV influencers tell us. The latter are selling us dreams just to get their reward!

In short, if the regulation proposed by the AMF and the ARPP is not really effective, it is up to the influencers to demonstrate their good faith. After that, the public should always be vigilant about influential content.


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