as Macron wants to regain control of the file


Esso-ExxonMobil management will hold a union meeting on Monday, 20 days after strikes began at the refinery. Although the deficit exists and complicates the daily life of many French, Emmanuel Macron decided to step up.

Has the government underestimated the power of CGT and workers? After a three-week strike at oil refineries, almost 30% of gas stations are experiencing difficulties with the supply of gasoline. In Haut-de-France, more than half of the stations are experiencing difficulties with at least one fuel.

A situation that may continue and that forces the President of the Republic to regain control of this file.

“He took care of it very carefully this weekend,” Emmanuel Macron’s entourage told BFMTV, adding that the head of state had discussed the matter with the prime minister.

Macron “trying to calm the situation”

“He had discussions with the main players in this crisis (…) He had an attempt to try to calm the situation and resolve the situation. Since Saturday morning, he has been trying to calm the situation and find a way out.” we continue with the President.

Emmanuel Macron had already called for “calm” and “responsibility” in the face of the petrol craze as he traveled to Prague, Czech Republic, for a European summit on Friday.

A call echoed by several of his ministers that was not necessarily heard. Thus, the environment of the head of state is quite serious about the crisis management of the last days and admits errors in communication, highlighting the gap between the political discourse of the government and the reality of what the French are experiencing.

He cites as examples Olivier Veron, who a few days ago refused to speak openly about the deficit, or Agnès Panier Runacher, who hinted that the crisis would be resolved by this weekend.

“We need to have a discussion about the level of redistribution of wealth”

However, during the week and the weekend, the crisis only worsened. While thousands of French people faced major supply difficulties in the last hours, discussions between unions and Esso-ExxonMobil management will begin on Monday.

“Tomorrow (Monday) Esso may have an arrangement. This leaves two options for the CGT, knowing whether to end the strike or not”, analyzes the environment of the President of the Republic.

“For Total, they either stop moving to enter into negotiations or continue. But if they continue, there is a risk of isolating this movement,” continues the source, reminding that the company “is at the center of the debate.” on super profits.” And according to Emmanuel Macron’s entourage, “it is necessary to have a discussion about the level of redistribution of wealth.”

“The executive has shown great ease”

Because Total made staggering profits. But wages did not rise accordingly. Hence the anger of the employees and the twenty-day strike.

And the calendar did not go in favor of the president of the republic and the government. Elizabeth Bourne and a dozen ministers were in Algeria this weekend, a trip planned since late September. But the inclusion of Clément Bon in the delegation raised questions.

“The executive branch has shown great ease. (…) Where is the Minister of Transport?” – this is how journalist editor Christophe Barbier asked on Sunday evening.

Especially since in a few days, on Sunday October 16, Nupes will organize a big march in Paris against the high cost of living and climate inaction. A demonstration in which many individuals are calling for participation, and which could breathe new life into the social conflict.

Philippe Corbett with Ariel Guez

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