This massive hardcore gaming PC with RTX 3080 Ti, i5 12600K, 32GB RAM has dropped 700€!

Ce PC fixe gaming monstrueux avec RTX 3080 Ti, i5 12600K, 32Go de RAM baisse de 700 € !

news good plan This massive hardcore gaming PC with RTX 3080 Ti, i5 12600K, 32GB RAM has dropped 700€!

The €700 discount is the amount you can save right now on this super powerful computer by Rue du Commerce. Ready to run the latest games while providing a solid foundation for future improvements with the RTX 3080 Ti and Intel Core i5 12600K!

Perfect for gaming, this massive PC is €700 off on Rue du Commerce

A massive gaming PC for less than €2999? With Eltharion Powered by MSI this is now possible! Assembled and delivered directly with everything you need for the game, now at a very good price on Rue du Commerce.

  • You can find it for 2799 € instead of 3499 €.
  • It is therefore a total savings of €700 or a 20% reduction.

Buy the Eltharion gaming PC for € 2,799 on Rue du Commerce

Eltharion gaming PC: Intel Core i5 12600K, RTX 3080 Ti, 32GB DDR5 RAM, 1TB NVME SSD=

Have you ever heard of Elf-lord Eltharion? Author of many wonders, he was the first known High Elf to successfully raid Naggarond and return alive. If these words mean anything to you, you’re familiar with the lore of Warhammer Fantasy, which was recently adapted into a video game by Creative Assembly in Total War.

This epic strategy and management game with massive battles and great video effects may run well on a PC, but will look best on a beautiful war machine.

No need to drive a griffin to find it, thanks to Rue du Commerce, which offers this Eltharion gaming PC that has everything you need to play the latest games at the highest gaming settings!

Everything about this case radiates power.

  • The graphics card, if any, is an RTX 3080 Ti from MSI (12 GB VENTUS 3X)
  • It is associated with the Intel Core i5 12600K 4.9 GHz processor.
  • You will also get 2 x 16 GB Corsair Vengeance 4800 Mhz DDR5 RAM!

With all this, you can at least play the latest games without getting tired of your PC. Everything in 4K, Ray Tracing, streaming is at your fingertips.

The rest of the ingredients are also very good. In the MSI Gungir 110M case with windows, therefore, you will also find:

  • An MSI B660 Tomahawk Wifi DDR5 motherboard
  • MSI MPG A850GF 850 ​​W power supply – 80+ Gold
  • MSI MAG CoreLiquid 240R water cooling

For storage, you can count on the 1TB MSI Spatium M480 NVMe SSD! Perfect for your most important games.

Everything comes with an MSI BattlePack consisting of a GM 41 wireless mouse, a GK30 AZERTY keyboard, and a GH30 V2 headset.

The operating system is directly installed and therefore your PC is ready to use!

Buy the Eltharion gaming PC for € 2,799 on Rue du Commerce

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