‘Sean Connery arrested James Bond because he thought he was underpaid,’ says his wife Micheline Connery

'Sean Connery arrested James Bond because he thought he was underpaid,' says his wife Micheline Connery

Married for 45 years to Sean Connery, Michelle Connery talks about her romantic life and love at first sight in the documentary series Madame Sean Connery, broadcast Sunday, October 9 at 1:15 p.m. on France 2.

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Micheline Connery was married when she first met the James Bond actor in 1970 on a golf course in Casablanca, Morocco. It’s love at first sight. But the two lovers, in their forties, are married and have children.

This is the starting point of amakes documentary series Miss Sean Conneryaired on Sunday 9 October at 1.15pm on France 2. The documentary tells the story of the strength it would take to overcome adversity and lead to marriage in 1975.

Micheline Connery will take on the affairs of Sean Connery, who remains a gentle naïve who said that “i was fucked more than a hooker”. She will find the title of her latest James Bond never again, and will become his agent.

The documentary series, signed by Stephanie Renuven, his granddaughter, combines unpublished Super 8 images of Sean Connery’s intimacy, shot by his wife, as well as testimonies and reconstructions of the most important moments of their life together.

The series airs on Sunday, October 9 at 1:15 p.m. on Sundays on France 2, presented by Laurent Delahus.

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