Aston Martin DB5 from the last “James Bond” sold for a golden price!

Aston Martin DB5 from the last "James Bond" sold for a golden price!

A replica of the Aston Martin DB5 used for the stunts of the latest James Bond film ‘Dying Can Wait’ has just been auctioned off for an astronomical sum!

The universe ofPoliceman 007 and the myth surrounding the Aston Martin brand definitely continues to make money. At the end of September, at Londonon At home Christy auction a copy of a great DB5 seen in the last part of the famous saga.

In the hands of James Bond at the opening of the film

This Aston Martin (see slideshow) is one of eight cars built for performing the stunts in the film “Dying Can Wait”released in 2021. With the difference that this copy is the only one publicly sold by Gaydon Builder and EON Productions.

In the movie, the DB5 appears in start sequence. Driving from James Bond (Daniel Craig) with Madeleine Swann (Léa Seydoux) by his side, the DB5 shows off all of its dynamic capacities in this chase scene where the two main characters try to escape their pursuers.

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A heavily modified Aston Martin

On the mechanical side, the DB5 is equipped with a 3.2-liter inline 6-cylinder unit and manual transmission. For the purposes of the film, she clearly was modifiedespecially with the addition of machine guns and other gadgets used by Her Majesty’s spy.

The body panels and interior are inside carbon with Tillett sports seats. on dashboard was created by 3d printing with steering wheel and dials true to Original DB5. The suspension and braking are made to order by the team ofAston Martin Special Projects on the advice of the film’s special effects supervisor.

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